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“Many people are not ready to pay for advice they can use, so the few that do break boundaries and soar higher.” ~Bernard Kelvin Clive~

A Message from the Founder and CEO

In 2016, Masani Consulting, LLC celebrated its 10th anniversary. Celebrations are wonderful, and Masani Consulting, LLC has reason to continue lighting the fireworks. What began as an idea ten years ago has grown into a business that provides quality and affordable education for adult learners. We recognized a need for educational services in adult learning focused on effective planning, instruction and evaluation, and we responded to the call by creating Masani Consulting, LLC. Answering the call not only resulted in our company's growth but more importantly we are able to leave a positive imprint on the lives of many adult learners. Of course, our success could not have happened without the guidance of the Most High God and your support.

To the adult learners and organizations that believe as we do that learning never stops, we say Thank You! At Masani Consulting, LLC we look forward to the future with renewed faith and great enthusiasm as we continue to fulfill our goal of "Making Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders."

With Gratitude,

Dr. Binta Masani


We assist individual business owners and organizations with their plans for learning programs that maximize their human and financial resources, so they can remain leaders in their field.

Our planning strategies for adult learning programs are a cost effective alternative to maintaining a full-time Human Resource Department within smaller businesses and organizations.


We provide instruction using

research based principles and practices of adult learning. Whether in-person or virtual classrooms, we adapt our instruction to fit the needs of diverse learners in environments, such as educational institutions, the workplace or community settings.

Our instructing includes curriculum designed to meet the specific learning goals of each organization and their adult learners.


We review an organization’s philosophy of learning to evaluate the effectiveness and sustainability of their educational programs.

Our evaluating involves a needs analysis to help identify and

provide solutions that address critical issues affecting the quality of educational programs for adult learners. 

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