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Abstract Vision

My Mystic Lover by Dr. Binta Masani


No matter how hard I try to ignore my feelings, this lover keeps me coming back. I have stayed away for a time, hoping the feelings would leave. But the moment I hear my lover’s name, I am consumed with feelings that are hard to explain.

Memories of my lover stir deep in my soul. The melodic mating sounds of humming birds arouse in me passion and delight. My lover cries out from the aquamarine sea to the Blue Mountains. Sweet aromatic hibiscus and ocean air become intoxicating as I drink from life. Before long I am mesmerized by floating clouds in majestic blue skies.

Palm trees sway and dance their rhythm; I surrender to their soulful captivity. My heart is racing and I am enthralled once again by the grip of my lover. Without fail, I weaken and I am swept away to paradise.

I think this is not meant to last…this love we share is only for a season.

To avoid the heartbreak of goodbye, I plan my escape but where shall I run. The magnetism pulls with mighty force while I fight to let go. Finally, I resolve that there is nowhere to run except back into the arms of my Mystic Lover. Back to the warm embrace of the land called "Jamaica" 

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