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Commonly Asked Questions About Masani Consulting, LLC

What are educational services?

The Educational Services sector provides instruction, direction, evaluation and consultation in diverse subjects such as life skills, professional development, vocational education, cultural enrichment and other academic areas. Educational services are usually delivered by highly qualified instructors, consultants and training specialists for various private and public entities.

Why should I hire an educational services provider?

Hiring an educational services provider has many benefits. An educational services provider can reduce training problems for organizations that function without a Human Resource Department (HRD). Such companies might unintentionally offer inadequate instruction and operate poorly structured learning programs. According the U.S. Department of Labor, educational services is the second largest industry, accounting for about 13.5 million jobs in 2008.

This industry growth signals an important resource for the development and management of learning programs.

Hiring an educational services provider like Masani Consulting, LLC can help individual business owners, groups and organizations save valuable time and resources that are usually spent on the designing and managing staff development for learning programs.

How can using Masani Consulting, LLC help? 

Masani Consulting, LLC services’ are designed to establish a partnership with clients to ensure their operational goals, organization’s mission and learning philosophy are at the center of our planning, instructing and evaluating. We assist individual business owners, groups and organizations by using our "Triple A Method":

Assess student education needs while carefully considering the organization’s learning goals.

Analyze results to determine the most cost efficient and applicable learning programs for our clients and their students.

Achieve learning outcomes that establish a baseline for planning future education programs without having to create an internal Human Resource Department.

Who uses educational services offered by Masani Consulting, LLC?

Any individual, school, business, group or profit and non-profit organization responsible for providing adult learners with the most relevant information, fast application process and positive learning outcomes, but do not have the funding required to invest in skilled human resource specialists and instructors. Masani Consulting, LLC bridges the gap between ineffective learning programs and costly HRDs by offering our clients affordable and quality educational services. Also, take a look at our testimonial page to read what our clients wrote. 

What sets Masani Consulting, LLC apart from other educational services


At Masani Consulting, LLC our primary focus is adult learning. We achieve positive results by using highly trained professionals (i.e. Idependent Specialists) who understand and support the specific goals of organizations and their adult learners. We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best service, highest quality and personal attention to meet the educational needs of their adult learners. Unlike other educational service providers, Masani Consulting, LLC developed a "Four Ps Approach" based on principles and practices of adult learning that help our clients successfully achieve their learning objectives:

1. Plan educational programs specifically for adult learners.

2. Prepare instructional materials using theories of adult learning.

3. Practice research-based teaching methods with our focus on understanding the adult learner.

4. Provide solutions for struggling adult learners.  

What services does Masani Consultiung, LLC offer clients? 

We offer services to individuals, organizations and businesses that provide learning opportunities to adult learners. A description of our services are available by clicking on the link for each category listed below.

Where can I get more information about Masani Consulting?

The best place to get more information about Masani Consulting, LLC is to browse our website. If you still have questions or would like to offer your comments, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-557-0908 or e-mail us at We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and provide you with the best educational services for adult learning.

Remember...a world of opportunities await you as we continue

"Making Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders". 

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