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Educational Extras

Have you ever had to write a paper for a school, work or professional conference? For most people, writing and editing can be time-consuming and maybe even a bit intimidating. Well, you don't have to approach the writing process alone because Masani Consulting, LLC is here to help.

At Masani Consulting, LLC we realize that your need for educational services goes beyond the classroom. We are to help you with writing, editing, research or preparing for a presentation, conference or convention. Our Independent Specialist has years of writing and editing experience and pays close attention to detail to ensure that your documents make the best impression possible.

Take a look at the additonal services we offer. Please contact us at 1-800-557-0908 for assistance with the services we've listed below. We look forward to serving you!

Additional Services We Offer:

Editing with APA Style and Format

(American Psychological Association)

Proof reading and editing for students and professionals. Perfect editing service for college essays and papers,

graduate thesis, doctoral writing and dissertation proof-reading.

Writing Workshops

The writing workshop format can be designed for creative or professional purposes.

Professional Writing

Writing and editing for academic papers, manuscripts and proposal submissions to conferences, journals and book publishers.

Education Research

Dr. Masani is a trained researcher

available to work on qualitative studies involving adult education issues.

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