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Embracing the Moments

When thoughts take flight and become unyielding gateways to our souls, we should surrender all inhibitions and embrace the moment. At Masani Consulting, our mission is to encourage lifelong learning for adults. As adults continue on their path of learning, there are times they will reflect and even write their thoughts, ideas and experiences. Embracing the Moments means that as learners, we should view every experience as an opportunity to make life an incredible journey for ourselves and others. 

Dr. Masani shares some of the moments that wrapped her tightly in the joys and challenges of life, and we hope you set aside that special time to embrace your moments, too! 

Embracing the Moments ©2009

Dr. Binta Masani

The wonder of life has opened my heart…my son is born.


If you want to hear a mother’s voice,

listen to the heart of her child.

~June 15, 2007~

Challenge complacency for it destroys the energy

that keeps dreams alive.

~June 15, 2007~

A part of me was left on the broken doorsteps.

~November 7, 2007~

In moments of triumph…remember they are fleeting moments.

~May 17, 2009~

What could explain the mysteries of life but life itself!

~December 2010~

The power of forgiveness cannot be measured, but it can multiple.

~September 15, 2010~

Beyond the suffering are jewels of hope and acceptance.

~October 6, 2011~

The heart, although profoundly fragile,

holds the strongest keys of life.

~October 30, 2011~

Time and space have no relevance when

passion ignites two souls.

~March 16, 2012~

Grab onto life, and make the ride unforgettable!

~April 24, 2012~

No need to revisit my past, I have few regrets.

~June 14, 2012~

The 90-10 Rule

If more than 90% of my time and energy is focused on external fulfillment, 

then, I am no longer in spiritual alignment with God.

~October 2012~

Spiritual Alert!

A sure remedy for the overwhelming facts of life is gratitude!

~February 2013~

Being intentional moves dreams into possibilities.

~March 2013~

Always remember to rejoice in stories

shaped by seasons passed.

~May 2013~

A kiss sealed the goodbye…my lesson is learned!

~December 2014~

With our minds, we can create beauty or despair…the choice begins in our hearts.

~April 2015~

I would rather be ignorant for lack of knowledge,

than to have knowledge and still be ignorant.

~June 2015~

My story was not meant to be written with me

dancing through life wearing a Tutu!

~July 2015~

Live life and life will live in you.

~January 2016~

The mirror I hold today reflects,

the woman I want to see.

~June 2016 (my birthday)~

In this moment of silence, I paused to ask God, are we there yet? 

God's response was a fluttering butterfly. 

~July 2016~

The road I travel is an ever winding journey of 

spiritual mountains and growth valleys, 

and somehow my faith assures me that I have yet to 

reach the highland where all begins and ends.

~July 2016~

Heads up, phones down. I hunger for your smile.

~April 2017~

Irma spoke. She moved swiftly through our lives,

changing our direction and leaving us forever humbled.

~September 2017~

I was shaken, tossed about, unraveled, 

then God stepped in.

~February 2018~

I'm watching another sunrise, another sunset with nothing in between

but God.

~November 2018~

Knowledge makes itself known to those who seek to know.

~December 2018~ 

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