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"We make our living by what we get. We make our life by what we give."

~Dr. Benjamin E. Mays...Educator~

While growing up, Dr. Masani used her parents as role models to begin a life of serving others. Dr. Masani witnessed selfless acts of kindness from both parents, and she learned to appreciate through their good deeds the value of community and servant-hood. Dr. Masani believes that a "generous spirit" is the greatest gift we can share with others. Dr. Masani's passion and commitment to education has penetrated the status-quo as she adamantly champions for the educational needs of all people, especially marginalized populations of women and girls.

Dr. Masani's philosophy of serving others has become the cornerstone of Masani Consulting, LLC's community service efforts. To celebrate the blessings of its 10th anniversary, Masani Consulting, LLC started the "pay back, pay forward" program. What does "pay back, pay forward" mean?

For Dr. Masani, paying back and paying forward has spiritual significance and is deeply entrenched in the "Law of Reciprocity". According to Rabbi Yoel Glick (2014), "We receive in order to give and give in order to receive; this is the cosmic law." This spiritual explanation for paying back and paying forward continues to motivate Dr. Masani to contribute countless hours to volunteering with churches, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and social service agencies. Please click on the embedded links below to learn more about the community service projects that Masani Consulting, LLC supports through its "pay back, pay forward" program.

In closing, community service is something everyone can do. Whether the service we perform is with our time, talents or treasures, the human family is strengthen in unexplained ways. The words Dr. Masani uses to express her desire to serve others are found in this quote, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~Mahatma Gandhi ~

Our Voices Speak

Drawing from her own experiences, Dr. Masani created with the assistance of Whitfield Productions a motivational video (2006) that reveals the personal and powerful stories of women. Our Voices Speak…On Loving, On Living and On Learning©, profiles the experiences of African-American and Jamaican females, ages 16 to 96 who share their courage to overcome life's adversities.

D.A.R.E. to Dream Tour

Dr. Masani created the D.A.R.E. (Determination and Responsibility in Education) to Dream Tour where she visits high schools and community programs in undeserved communities to talk with youth about goal setting, academic preparation, and civic responsibility.

Theodora Project

After visiting the Theodora Project in Jamaica, West Indies, Dr. Masani became concerned about the growing number of youth lured into sex work and domestic servitude through human trafficking. To promote public awareness about the negative social consequences of human trafficking in Jamaica's resort areas, Dr. Masani and Whitfield Productions created a 10 minute public service video entitled, Voices in the Dark: The Tragedy Behind Human Trafficking.  

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