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Assert Yourself...When and How to Say No!

(Half day--4 hour session)

This assertiveness training will help learners be more confident by learning to set and enforce boundaries with family members, friends, bosses, co-workers, professionals, service people, and even total strangers. Discover how you can use your personal power in a way that is safe for you and respectful of others.

My Career Choice Enhancement

(Half day--4 hour session or Full day--8 hour session)

To aid youth and adults with strategies to enhance and utilize their life skills for job preparation and career development. This training session focuses on helping participants identify short and long term goals for employment. Topics include; learning the difference between a job and a career, developing an effective resume, preparing for a job interview, networking, and how to track progress with employment and career goals. 

Embracing Change

(Half day--4 hour session)

If you remember the book/video "Who Moved My Cheese", then, you may recall the idea that "change is inevitable". Without change, a person may become disconnected from new opportunities to grow. Even so, change is not easy for most people. This workshop will assist participants with learning effective techniques for embrchange in their personal and professional lives.

Be Happy...This Too Shall Pass

(Full day--6 hour session)

Whether grief is triggered by divorce, death of a pet or significant other, unemployment, retiring, or ending a relationship, the person suffering the loss needs time to grieve. In a safe and supportive setting, participants will discuss the specific stages of grief, common reactions people have to loss, and spiritual ways to heal and reach the final stage of grief. Being happy may not come quickly but with support and by sharing common experiences, participants will come to understand and accept that "This too shall pass."

Breath In...Breath Out

(Full day--8 hour session)

Stress is normal and can actually help people avoid challenging events. On the other hand, stress can lead to both physical and emotional problems. This workshop will acquaint participants with ways to reduce, prevent, and cope with stress in their personal and professional lives. Relaxation and mediation techniques are included.


Choice-based Anger Management

(Full day--8 hour session or 2-day--8 hour sessions)

Choice-based Anger Management will empower you to take control of your life by developing strategies to calm the anger within. The goal of this training is to assist learners with increasing their skills for managing anger and to take greater responsibility and accountability for their anger. We offer customized curriculum for anger management training to teens, adults, Christians and the workplace.

Beyond Words: Effective Communication Skills

(Full day--8 hour session)

Communication can be easy with Beyond Words. This workshop is designed to equip learners with the tools to effectively use their verbal/non-verbal behaviors and listening skills for improved communication. Participants will learn the importance of using words, facial and body movements, tone of voice, even clothing and situations as ways to effectively influence the communication process.

Prime For Life for Parents

(10 hours for 2.5 days)

PRIME For Life was started in 1983 by the not-for-profit Prevention Research Institute. The research-based PRIME For Life course can be taught to parents of youth and young adults interested in using an effective approach to challenging the common beliefs and attitudes that directly influence high-risk alcohol and drug use among high and college students.  

NOTE: The classes and workshops listed can be customized. Please schedule a consultation session with Dr. Masani and discuss the best delivery method for your specific learning needs. 

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