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The Masani Consulting, LLC

Mission, Vision, and Philosophy of Education

"There is a brilliant child locked inside every student"

Marva Collins~Educator

Our Mission:

To Prepare adult learners to meet their personal and social responsbilities by offering access to

quality, affordable, and meaningful educational opportunities that will enhance their prior learning

experiences and enrich the quality of life for self, family and community.

Our Vision:

To Provide educational services for individuals, businesses, and organizations using competence,

compassion, and commitment with our goal of inspiring, promoting, and sustaining communities

of adults as life-long learners.

Our Philosophy:

To Promote education as an inalienable right that belongs to all people. Therefore, we pledge to

make educational opportunities available to adult learners, regardless of their socio-economic position

and cultural background. We embrace life experiences as a purposeful approach to learning and

teaching with the belief that “learning never stops”. 

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