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Our Voices Speak...On Loving, Living and Learning

"Women in transition are much like an unending stream

flowing into form and out of form, but with change as the means of preserving itself".

(Dr. Masani, April 2009)

In 2006, the 20-minute documentary entitled, Our Voices Speak...On Loving , Living and Learning was produced by Dr. Binta Masani and filmed by Charlie Whitfield of Whitfield Productions as an educational and motivational medium.

Our Voices Speak profiles the lives of eight extraordinary women who range in age from 16 to 96, and who represent various African American and Jamaican communities. Our Voices Speak illustrates the power of narrative (story), and how women used narrative to share with others their courage to overcome life's adversities through loving, living and and learning. Our Voices Speak has been viewed by diverse audiences in the United States and aboard. So, we thought you might enjoy a preview of footage taken from Our Voices Speak.

A portion of this YouTube video was taken from Our Voices Speak. However, the video mostly contains footage on indigenous basket weaving and story sharing (narrative learning) in African American and Jamaican communities of women, which provided the conceptual framework for Dr. Masani's dissertation: Narrative in the Intergenerational Transmission of Learning Among Jamaican Female Basket Weavers. 

Please use the contact information below if you are interested in viewing the entire video of Our Voices Speak.

We hope you enjoy!

Note: Dr. Masani is available to present Our Voices Speak at schools, churches, civic organizations and other groups. Please contact Dr. Masani at: call 1-800-557-0908 to schedule your screening of

Our Voices Speak.  

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