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Professional Development

Hello My Name Is…

(2-day--8 hour sessions)

The first 60 seconds are critical to winning a customer’s trust. Whether by telephone, virtual or face-to-face, customer service begins the first moment you speak. To ensure that customers keep coming back, employees will learn to become more “customer focused” when offering products or services. This workshop will cover five important elements in good customer service: Acknowledge, Attitude, Appearance, Aptitude, and Appreciation. 

Who’s on First…Team Building that Works

(Half day--4 hour session or Full day--8 hour session)

Teams are becoming a mainstay in today's workplace. To maximize the knowledge, skills, and talents of workers, those in leadership positions must consider ways to reduce conflict, improve communication, and increase work performance. In this workshop, you will learn the elements needed to build camaraderie and manage a successful team. You will also obtain the skills needed to effectively communicate, manage projects, and solve problems in a team setting.


Basic Instructor Training for Educators of Adult Learners

(2-day--8 hour sessions)

This is great training for new or seasoned instructors, trainers, teachers or those who are responsible for conducting professional development workshops, train-the-trainer sessions, and on-the-job training for adult learners. The workshop facilitator will assist participants in distinguishing between an effective and ineffective classroom instructor. Class participants will receive information on adult learning principles and how to apply these principles to classroom situations so they can become effective instructors. 


Get Power with PowerPoint

Half day--4 hour or Full day--8 hour session)

Whether you are a student, business owner, or teacher, sooner or later, you will need to do a presentation. Using technology in your presentations at work and school is easy and fun with PowerPoint. With PowerPoint, pictures are worth a thousand words. In this workshop, participants will learn simple and effective ways to engage, emphasize, and excite with using PowerPoint in their presentations.


Strategies for Planning Adult Learning Programs

(2-day--8 hour sessions)

This training is for individuals who are responsible for conducting training or developing programs for adults learners, but may have limited access to a human resource (HR) department. With 2-day workshop, Masani Consulting HR specialists will provide you with simple strategies for conducting training that fits your specific needs.


Before You Grab the Mic

(Half day--4 hour or Full day--8 hour session)

Before you step up to the podium and take the microphone, we want to offer some quick practical strategies to help you become an effective presenter. This presentation skills training will assist learners in how to overcome negative thoughts about speaking in public, speak with confidence and authority, effectively use visual aids, and how to develop a memorable presentation.